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The Vaughan Behavioral Health network of drug rehab centers supports and guide clients from all walks of life on their journey towards complete rehabilitation from addiction. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Boise, Idaho offers a wide range of solutions, including monitored detox, personal counseling, and social therapies. We know that beating substance abuse is not easy or simple, but we believe that all of our clients can overcome the obstacles of addiction and change their course towards a brighter future.


One of the biggest hurdles for many victims of addiction is the decision to pursue rehab at an addiction recovery facility. Leaving your comfort zone can provoke feelings of fear or uncertainty, but there are many benefits to participating in a real addiction recovery program. The staff at our clinic make every effort to ensure each client is comfortable, relaxed, and feeling completely safe while they are with us at our Boise, Idaho substance abuse treatment facility.


Addressing Underlying Disorders and Behaviors

Addiction is a complicated disorder because it touches every part of the victim’s life and can cause significant changes in bodily function as well as brain chemistry. Unfortunately, this means that many people with a substance dependency also have co-occurring mental health problems that have not been adequately treated.


We believe that properly treating these cases with dual diagnosis mental health treatment is an essential step in effective addiction recovery efforts. Our staff members interview and consult with everyone participating in our program to assess their overall health and wellness. They help and encourage individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders to seek treatment for their condition.


People who seek to overcome addiction must also confront their own behaviors and habits to find the underlying causes of their addiction. Stress and instability at home can be a factor in a person’s substance dependency, as well as unhealthy influences from friends or social groups. The comprehensive therapy programs at our addiction treatment center help clients identify problem areas and find ways to permanently resolve them.


Social Therapy at Our Addiction Recovery Center

Group therapy may be one of the most conventional tactics for an addiction treatment facility, but it can also be one of the most effective. Our clients participate in regular meetings with staff and other victims of addiction who are actively pursuing recovery. Opening up to understanding listeners can provide a lot of relief, as well as an important opportunity to learn from other people’s experiences.


The programs at our drug detox clinic also include dedicated time for individual discussions between counselors and clients. These private meetings allow for the discussion of more private or personal matters that relate to addiction.


Step-by-Step Recovery Through Personalized Programs

The process of rehabilitation can be broken down into many tiny steps that provide accessible and achievable objectives along the way. For many people, the first step is often one of the most difficult. Breaking free from the hold of an addictive substance requires perseverance, focus, and support from other people. Our supervised detoxification services are designed to provide all of these essential elements to give participants a clear shot at making a full recovery.


After detoxification, clients at our drug rehab facility can start following a customized treatment program that grows and changes with them. We keep in close touch with each person at our clinic to track their progress and adjust programs as needed to meet evolving needs.


People who have completed their main recovery program with us can also return at any time when they need support in the future. Vaughan Behavioral Health and our ongoing services are available to encourage clients stay away from dangerous substances the months or years after they begin their new life.