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When you start to get sick of living life under the control of drug addiction, it is time to start searching for help from drug rehab centers. When you come to a Vaughan Behavioral Health drug rehab facility like the addiction treatment center in Redlands, California, you will discover how joyous life is when you cast aside the burden of drug addiction. With the help of our drug rehab, you will get clean and develop the tools you need to stay sober.


Detox You Will Appreciate


If you make the decision to come to our Redlands, California addiction recovery center, you will be making the choice to go through detox the right way. Attempting to make it through withdrawal without help is an exercise in futility. Our drug detox clinic is just the ticket to ease you through the withdrawal process, which is often the trickiest part of rehab. Our clients are immediately welcomed by detox services that show how much we care.


Dual Diagnosis Addiction and Mental Health Treatment


One of the things that is the most unfair about addiction is how disproportionately it affects people with mental illness. Roughly half of the unfortunate souls who deal with drug addiction also deal with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Inside our Redlands, California addiction treatment facility, Vaughan Behavioral Health provides our clients with the finest mental health treatment to go along with our addiction recovery program. When our clients get the mental health treatment they need, they have a much better chance of achieving lasting addiction recovery.


The Best in Addiction Care


Our clients do well at our addiction recovery facility in Redlands, California because of the quality of care they receive. Our staff make it their mission to give our clients the absolute best addiction recovery experience possible. We look for any opportunity to provide every possible assistance we can to assure our clients can find lasting recovery.


A Secure Rehab Environment


One thing that is essential for you when you are in rehab is to be completely honest, both with our staff and with yourself. To open up the way you need to in recovery, you need to feel safe. That is why we feel it is our duty to provide our clients with a Redlands, California addiction treatment facility that makes them feel as safe as possible. When you enter our drug rehab facility, you will feel safe every second you are with us. We do everything necessary to ensure you always feel secure while you are here.


Tailor-Made Treatment


At our substance abuse treatment facility in Redlands, California, we believe that a customized addiction recovery program is essential. When you come to our addiction treatment center, we develop the ideal treatment plan that is custom-fitted for your unique recovery needs. With our customized addiction treatment plan, you will have the map you need to successfully navigate your way through recovery. As you make your way through the treatment plan, we continually refine your treatment to keep you moving forward.


The Importance of Group


The most essential part of the rehab experience at our Redlands, California addiction recovery center is our phenomenal group therapy. Our group leaders are masters at guiding our clients through their group sessions. They take care to ensure that every client gets an equal chance to participate in group, and they do a great job at keeping discussions on-track for the best growth of every member of the group.


Aftercare Help


When you people graduate from a rehab program, you may be filled with trepidation. Leaving the safety of the recovery environment for the temptations and stresses of the outside world is never easy. With the help of our aftercare programs, our clients receive the support and structure they need to stay sober on the outside.


With the help of our Redlands, California substance abuse treatment facility, you will find out how amazing recovery can be.