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Not all drug rehab centers are created equal. Anyone considering an addiction recovery program needs to explore their options and find the right drug rehab facility and services to help them get the most of their recovery. If you are here seeking information for yourself or someone you love who is struggling with addiction, you have already taken the biggest step. Vaughan Behavioral Health works hard to create an ideal environment in our substance abuse treatment facility in Irvine, California so that everyone has the best chance of success in beating their addiction and getting back to their life. That includes a deep understanding of how addiction works as well as what tools and services are best to help you get the outcome you need and deserve.


We take pride in our Irvine addiction recovery center, where we have created an open, honest environment that allows you to share with others, build relationships, and receive support from a variety of sources to help you beat your addiction. We understand the importance of looking past the addiction on the surface to determine the root cause and help you identify the best way to get your life back on track. This includes dual diagnosis mental health treatment, which is something that is often overlooked. While it isn’t the case with all clients, many of the people who come to us are unknowingly suffering from an undiagnosed mental health issue. That alone can often lead someone into drugs and/or alcohol as a coping mechanism because they don’t realize that something broader is going on.


Our trained, professional staff will work with you to ensure that you have the right diagnosis and get to the root of the issue so that you have the best chances of success in beating your addiction for good. We also offer supervised detox services, and we understand that detox can be just as dangerous, or even more so, than the addiction itself. Between these two elements, we are hoping to give clients a leg up in addiction recovery that they might not get elsewhere.


It’s All About You

Another unique approach that we take at our addiction recovery facility in Irvine is providing an individualized treatment plan that suits your needs. Not every addiction or person is the same, and we want to make sure our clients get the support that works for them. By taking an individualized approach, we give you a better chance of getting your life back and finding success in recovery.


You can work with the professionals at our addiction treatment center in Irvine to develop a plan that works for your situation. In addition to the services already mentioned, we also provide group and individual therapy sessions, and a variety of other services and support to give you the best chances of success. In creating your plan, we will help you find the balance that works for you utilizing the services we provide.


Another area that we focus on in recovery is aftercare. Not every drug detox clinic offers aftercare services, but this can often be the most critical piece of the recovery puzzle. From outpatient therapy to support groups, recovery-based events, and more, our clients are given the best chances of success even once they leave our care. We understand how hard it can be to transition back to daily life after recovery. In our addiction treatment facility in Irvine, we provide many aftercare services and solutions to ensure that you don’t fall off track once you return to your life.


Recovery is a Process

Addiction recovery isn’t something that you can just do and be done with. It takes time and a variety of treatment options and services to help you get your life back. What sets our addiction treatment center in Irvine, California apart is that we take the time to help you explore those services and get the plan that will give you the best chances of success. There is no on/off switch for addiction. It takes time and support to get sober, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to create an environment that provides you with the services and support that you need, no matter what you might be facing. To learn more about your recovery options or the services that we provide at our rehabilitation center, feel free to contact Vaughn Behavioral Health at any time.